Hi ladies i was due on my period yesterday and iavnt had no signs. When i had my miscarraige (miscarriage) back in August of this year it was 4 weeks after when my period came. My 2 last periods have been regular going 28 days both times. Im a day late now and hoping im pregnant. I did a test yesterday but negative but iavnt felt any PMT syptoms (symptoms) , My boobs have got bigger and yesterday i had cramp feeling in my lower abdonam. Not sure what to think. any opinions will be welcome and thanks again to all the lovelly ladies who have been there for me. Im sending you all lots of babydust. xxxx Rachel

hmm... just think positive. as long as AF not show up yet. you still have hope. enjoy your thanksgiving and don't think of anything. if AF not show up by sunday, and the HPT-, have blood work done. i have a friend who had same situation. no AF, has BFN, late period for 2 weeks, when blood work done, get a result she was pregnant. just keep hoping. you will be in my thought during thanksgiving. Just wanna to share - I just found out a friend of mine, his wife is 4 weeks pregnant and she is 41 yrs old and never has kid. depress me little, but i am happy for her. i wish i have a good news like her to share with my friends. :-( Happy Thanksgiving

Hi My ovulation cycle was between the 3rd and the 8th October. I avnt had a bllod test yet i will go to the doctors in a couple of days. xx

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