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I have been away, so here goes with the grammy check-in! SD - how are you feeling? Everything is still crossed! When will you test? Tina1111 - Are you keeping things from us? We all know that BFP is coming! Is it already here and you are laying low? You have been flying under the radar, and enquiring minds wannaknow! Please use this as an open forum and a big fat congrats to Perty for her pretty blondy girlie! I just opened the pix, and she is a keeper!

I am doing good. Thank you for asking. I got to take a shower for the first time in 3 days so that already started the day out right. I am trying desperately not to think about any of this. I am going to do an HPT on Sunday which would be 9dp6dt which should give me an accurate result. I have not had any cramping at all, just some weird pulling sensations and I am really lightheaded today. Since I am only 3 days past the transfer I attribute the lightheadness to the everyday life of being blonde and not to possible pregnancy. :) (Not tryng to offend any blondes, just poking fun at myself). I am flying to my parents for Thanksgiving, but I will get the pee sticks out as soon as I get back and you all will be the first to know. hopng...I cannot beleive it has alreay been 13.1 weeks. Are you showing?? If so we might need some preggo belly pics pretty soon. :)

showing is not the word. i am out there girl!!! lol DH teases me all tthe time saying u sure the other one didnt implant? lol for sure one baby. Have a great Turkey day!!!!

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