wanting a baby so bad

Hi everyone I dont usually get on here but to see what other questions are being asked, but I am getting a feeling like I am going crazy all I think about is having a baby I have PCOS and have been trying since July of 2005 I am on clomid and metformin. Clomid for fertility and Metformin for insulin reasons. I am on my 2 cycle of clomid. I also am doing Home ovulation kits, and just want to know if any one has been on clomid and how long it took to work for you, also all prays are needed and Good Luck to those who are also trying.

hey did u ovulate the first month on clomid? i have PCOS too and it took me a little over a yr to finally get pregnant im 7 weeks today, it wasnt easy, i tried clomid for 4 months and it just dint work for me, im also taking met. are you seeying an OB? or a reproductive endogronologyst? i ditched my OB and started seeying an RE they are more aggresive (aggressive) with patients that have PCOS, i got pregnant with injections, the most you can be on clomid they say it 6 months but since it wasent working for me i dint want to wait any longer, clomid does work on some patients so give it a coupld months if it dosent work move on! GOOD LUCK.

My doc told me that most women who achieve success with clomid managed that in 3 months. I took clomid for 2 months and then had a surgery that determined I had other problems. So, I did not get pregnant with clomid but the medicine is not to blame. I have been ttc since November 2005 and not being able to have a child is making me very depressed. Normally, I am a very happy person. Today I have an appointment with my doc to decide how to proceed. After 2 years I want to try something more effective than clomid. As Want2BeMama said, I hope you are seeing an RE. After 2+ years you shuld be more pro-active. Good luck!!!!

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