negative hpt, but pregnant?

has anyone taken a hpt and tested negative, but ended up to be pregnant?

Good luck lpg78... I did a hpt today at 18dpo and it's negative and I'm quite certain it's correct. Stupid of me really because I did suspect all along that it hadn't worked and my blood test is scheduled for tomorrow. Should have just waited rather than embrassing disaster before I absolutely had to!!! But the wait was killing me. I thought knowing would be better. It's not. Although I suspected, I now feel like I'm in shock. I keep bursting into tears and then I calm down and it's like I forget I did the test and I'm ok for a bit then I "remember" and busrt into tears again!! I'll know better next time. Right now, I just have to wrap my brain around the fact that there has to be a next time. Very VERY best of luck with your blood test results.

With my first pregnancy, I got a negative and thought I wasn't pregnant. I was talking to a co-worker and she insisted I take another one. Sure enough the second one was positive. About a week before I had passed out in the shower, and then later had an abnormal period. I was so new to all of it that I just didn't know what to think. This time I just suspected. And sure enough I was right- but I waited until the day I expected AF, that way I was less likely to get that false negative.

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