2WWers - Any Update?

Ladies, Any news yet? I still haven't feel any change in me. so far once awhile I felt little cramp but that's it. maybe sleepy but that's me. I slept alot anyway. by the end of this week, i should know if I am pregnant or not. I will wait until monday to test because I want to enjoy my thanksgiving week. monday doesn't matter neg or pos, i can still able to handle that. update any news so we can congratulate you. Take care

Good Morning Ladies, I'm still in the game as well, but execpting AF as early as today. I think the only symptoms that I'm feeling are those of AF: some cramping and sore bbs, and this morning I'm having some hot flashes. Also last night when we were bding it felt really uncomfortable and painful. Did anyone experience that? On Sat we went out wish our very close friends who have 16 month old twins. The entire evening my friend just wouldn't shut up. By the time I got ho me I felt very depressed, I felt the same for most of the day on Sunday. I think that for next month, if my HD doesn't want to do an IUI I'll just wait untill he does. I feel that otherwise it's just a waste of time.

I agree with you miss_impatient. I try not to read any symtoms (symptoms) at this moment. I know myself if it's turn out to be neg, i will be crush so i just go ahead and enjoy my Thanksgiving week and I will worry about this until Monday. If by Monday or Tues AF not show up, than i might have more chance to be pregnant. Tell you the truth, I tempted so many times want to buy HPT. I walked into Walmart and walked around that area. my HD said either you buy it or not, stop wandering. :-) I promised myself not to test by monday so i will stick to that. I will enjoy company and food for this week.

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