Currently in the 2ww- felt shock from hairdryer! HELP

Hi- I posted several days ago regarding my ET. I really appreciated all your responses. I'm now back with another question. A freaky incident happened to me this afternoon. As I was drying my hair I felt tingling in the hand holding the dryer. I shut the dryer off, felt the tingling for a few more seconds then it went away. When Dh came home (he's an electrician) he looked at the dryer and saw a spark which I did not see. Plus the cord was tangeled which I'm sure didn't help. I of course threw out the dryer. My mind is in a hundred places already and now I have this to worry about. I know it's probably like a one in a million thing to happen but have you ever had this happen or heard about this happening to anyone? I pray that my embryos are protected and fine.

Im not an expert but Im almost certain that what happened to you will not effect your embryos. The tingling you felt was probably not much more than if you had gotten shocked by a carpet. If you had been badly shocked it would have hurt a lot. Youd be surprised at how well your body is protecting those little embryos. They are very well insulated in there!! Hang in there and I wish you a speedy 2ww and loads of sticky babydust!

Hi Susanelizabeth- Thanks for your post and for the babydust! I still can't believe at how such a freaky thing could have happened and wish there was some way I could have prevented it from happening but who would think this would happen huh? Thanks again. :-)

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