.89 Projesteron level

Hi, I just had my blood checked and it came back with .89 projesteron level so I was wondering, is it too low for Ovulation? I haven't heard from my doc yet...I believe that it is not O, does anyone know for sure? Thanks!

I am currently pregnant and had my progesterone checked at 5dpo and mine was 8.2 and when I asked about the level this is what the RE told me: Anything over 4 indicates ovulation but 4 is really a crummy one and 8 indicated a "good" ovulation...and it apparently was because I am pregnant! good luck to you! SSBD

It was my first cycle and no, I haven't been checked by my doc for follicle size...She is on vacation and I suppose to start the second cycle with double of Clomid (100mg this time.)..when she comes back in 2 weeks, I will ask her about sonogram and all that...

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