Yaz Need help

I had sex on placebo pills of yaz here is the synopsis of whats up. I was wondering if it is possible to get pregnant while on pills. I had sex the day before my period started started but I was on placebo pills. Here is the jist. ♥ Were you using any hormonal BC (pill, ring, patch, shot, etc.) or IUD? If you did, did you have any problems with it (missing/late pills, or did you recently stop using it)? Yes YAZ for 2 months ♥ Did you use any barrier methods (condom, diaphram) or spermicide? If you did, did you have any problems with it (i.e. the condoms breaking or coming off? If so, please describe what happened): no condoms ♥ Did you use the "pull out" or withdrawal method? Mostly, but one time he pulled out. finished. then put right back in. ♥ Where did ejaculation occur (in vagina, in condom, outside body, etc.)? Mostly outside. i think maybe a couple inside im not sure. ♥ Have you taken Emergency Contraception (which is effective up to 5 days afterward)? No II. YOUR CYCLE ♥ How many days are usually between the first day of one period and the first day of the next? I take YAZ, so I run on a 28-day cycle ♥ What was the date of the first day of your last period? November 3 ♥ When is your period due, or is it already late? Due sometime late next week ♥ What date(s) did you have sex? November 2 ♥ Please list any recent lifestyle changes that may have affected your cycle (new diet, exercise, medication, stress, etc.): None just a little stress III. OTHER ♥ Are you trying to conceive? No ♥ Have you already taken a pregnancy test? No ♥ If so, when, and what was the result? N/A ♥ Is there any other reason to believe you are pregnant? I was on my placebo pills yaz has 4 we had sex on when i was on the 3rd one. On Nov 2nd the next day aunt flo caame to visit me. I was wondering if it is possible to still get pregnant while on the placebo pill. I started my usual pack that sunday the 4th. He didnt finish inside me. He finished outside but he put it right back in after a quick wipe with a tissue.

I don't think you're pregnant. It doesn't really matter what day of your cycle you have sex (whether on active or placebo pills), becase Yaz releases hormones into your bloodstream that prevents you from ovulating. No egg, no pregnancy. Birth control pills are something like 99% effective, so chances are very slim that you're in that 1% that could get pregnant on the pill. Hope that helps!

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