round ligament pain

so i was worried about ectopic becuase i had some weird sharp pains as i coughed and turned. i still do. but the ectopic thing is out of question now (thank God). i am 6weeks pregnant. i know that round ligament pain (as i have read), seems something like my symptoms but starts in your second trimaster in second pregnnacies. right? could that be it and could it happen in first trimaster if its your second pregnancy?

I have been having the same sharp pain in left and right side of lower abdomen and i thought about ectopic pregnancy too, but also thought it would be ligaments strecthing i am nearly 5 weeks, this is my 3rd pregnancy though but i never had this with my other 2 pregnancies, do you guys think it is normal? x

I am also having some sharp pains on and of. I am almost 6 weeks. It seems like round ligament pain is possibility. I was scared to death yesterday. My doctor says it is normal.

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