Help! confusing ovulation test results

hello. i am very confused about my ovulation tests. i am on my 3rd round of clomid this month and it is cd14. i took my first ovulation test today and it showed a surge, the test line was much darker than the control line. i dont ever ovulate this early. i ovulated last month on cd21. i took a 2nd test this afternoon to be sure, but it was very faint. so, my question is, am i ovulating or not? why would it be dark the first time but not the 2nd? should i keep testing for 7 more days? i am supposed to call my dr when i get a surge to go in for a u/s. should i call her tomorrow or not? any hellp would be greatly appreciated.

Hey sound like you are exactly at the same stage as me. I am on my third round of clomid and are on CD11 and doing the OPK's too right now. I have used the digital easyblue kits now, (they give you the smily face when positive) because last month I had a lot of trouble interpreting whether one line was darker than the other. No surge for me just yet...but not really expecting it until a couple of days. When I was being monitored for the Clomid, I had an u/s on CD11 (to see how many follicles there was) and then a progresterone on CD21 to confirm if I ovulated or not. Since you are CD14, I would definitely call your RE and see what they say. Good luck with it...

If I were you I would go out and by the Smiley ovuation kits. I think it's clearblue easy. It is so much easier to tell with them. My RE said to test in the morning and then again after work like 3 or 4 hours after you just urinated...good luck!

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