Details on doing this right !

Hello ~ This will be my third month TTC thru AI ......I am "doing it myself" process . I am using the Instead cups to hold in the sperm.... I am also doing my OV kits to see when my lh surge begins , then will begin Insemination every other day. correct ???? How long after your period does Ovulation occur ? Or LH surge usually ?

Once you receive a positive surge, you should do it each day or twice a day if the s/a is good. Once you get the pos opk, you only have a day or two until it is too late. The rule of thumb is every other day in fertile window until pos Lh surge, then each day until o is confirmed. O is usually the same day or the following day of surge. In some cases it is as late as the 3rd day, but not that often.

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