No LH surge after Letrozole or trigger shot?

This is our first time doing IUI so I am full of questions. Prior to this I have used OPK's and usually detect a surge on day 13-15. I took Letrozole days 3-7 and follicles were 17, 15 and 12 on day 11. Dr. told me that if OPK didn't show surge by day 15 to come in for a trigger shot that morning, so we did. We were scheduled for IUI the next morning. I tested for a surge again the morning of the IUI but the OPK said NO. We told the Dr. this and he said I should have seen a surge but that we should go ahead because of the shot and rely on that. I am very crampy after having the IUI and I did feel like I ovualated this afternoon after the procedure. I am just wondering if never seeing a surge is okay? Should I have done a test last night (night of the shot)? How long should the surge show and did I just miss it between the shot and the next morning, which was almost 21 hours later? Is the shot doing what it should even if I saw no surge? The doctor said I could have a faulty kit but I am concerned because the kits have always shown a surge for me? HELP! Any input is greatly appreciated!

Oh, ok!! That's great that you responded so well! It's wonderful to hear how working so closely with doctors can really help! They have my progesterone test scheduled for day 24...wonder if they know that? I am so bloated after this IUI..really makes one feel icky!! But it is worth every minute of if to have a child. I lost the first one at 21 weeks and that was awful. He was conceived naturally. We tried and tried and finally decided to see a specialist since we are both 40. I'm glad we did! You have been a wonderful friend and I don't even know you!! :)) Thank you so much for listening and responding!!

My first two were natural but had to have progesterone supplements to keep my levels up. Number three we did injectibles and we were going to do iui but I responded so well to the meds we got to do timed intercourse instead.(I know tmi right?? Lol) they do the day 21 test to see how well you ovulate. With medication, they like the number to be over 15. So a high number can indicate a really good ovulation.

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