My boyfriend touched the bottom of his penis when I was giving him oral and I think he got pre *** on his fingeres and then he unbuttoned my jeans then fingered me is there any chance I could this get me pregnant and I've missed my period by 8 days and this happened 6 days ago, my period is sometimes late please help thank you

It is highly unlikely that you will be pregnant. All you can do at the present time is wait and hope that your period is just late. At your age, you should not be doing these things. You are very young and it is not worth taking the risk of getting pregnant at your age. Spend more doing other fun activities - you don't have to have sex to prove your love. And if your boyfriend is threatening that he will leave if you don't do sexual things to him, he is not worth keeping. Be in control and don't allow anyone to make you have sex. Enjoy your youth by doing different activities. Be aware too that having sex when you are under aged is against the law. If your boyfriend is much older, he could end up in prison. If you are going to "mess around" and do sexual things, always use condoms. Time will go by very quickly, enjoy your youth.

No, you are not pregnant. You are however very young, and need to be a little bit more aware of how these things work before you continue of your sexual journey. While it is possible to get pregnant from pre-*** sperm cannot survive once it is outside the body. If you were my daughter I would sit you down and explain how these things work and make sure you know the responsibility that comes with being sexually active. There's so much life to live and plenty of time to enjoy without rushing into being physical. I did not lose my virginity until I was 18 almost 19 and o still wish I waited longer. Teenage boys are horny little devils and will tend to try and make you feel bad or like a "prude" if you don't do stuff with them but remember , you have what they want. And if you give it up easy they have nothing to fight for. Know your worth !

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